The Ugandan Big Gorilla Coffee Souvenir

I love my cup of coffee. And I love it hot. I love it more when it is naturally and originally brewed from the land. The challenge with a hot cup of coffee is that it comes off with such an inviting aroma that invades your nostrils causing a ramble within your intestines. Or at […]

Doing It The BIC TOUR Way

When BIC Tours began operations as an independent tour company, they did not know what awaited them along the way. The cutting edge was the proprietor’s deep knowledge of the Japanese market. Sam Mugisha had studied and worked in Japan for over three years. While there, he connected Japanese tourists to Ugandan Tour Operators. But […]

Venturing Into Japanese Tourism

To Samuel Mugisha, leaving his small business in Kisoro to go and learn Japanese in Japan was more than an opportunity to explore and have a change of environment. It was a one year opportunity that was shared by a visiting Japanese professor in Uganda, a one Motohito Sano. This training was to change his […]

The Ugandan Cowboy Who Came To Japan

Samuel Mugisha was the first-born boy child in his family. He was a blessing not only to his mother but also to the entire family hence the name, Mugisha (blessing). He was born at a time when his father was giving up on ever getting a boy. Samuel Mugisha was born to a farming family […]