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Hi Sam!

Thanks for the photos, and again, thank you for the amazing introduction to Uganda. We had the most incredible time, and my parents are looking forward to returning one day soon. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you! Give our regards to Robert our Guide.
Bernadette Nelson
Nov 2014
Dear Samuel-san,

Konnichiwa! Ogenki desuka?
I’ve talked to Niitsu-san from Documentary Japan who said all their work in Uganda was done smoothly because of you!. Especially they really appreciate that the second day of gorilla trekking, they could trek and had filming smoothly thanks to your negotiation with senior warden.Maekawa-san appreciated you and said everyone was always in good mood because of you. He called you Sam-chan??

Anyway everything was done perfectly. Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita.

I’ll try to send more Japanese to Uganda.

Kyoko Kamita

Dososhin Japan

Chimpanzee & Gorilla Filming Documentary Coordination

Oct 2014


 I want to thank you for your wonderful help in putting together a great itinerary for our group.  We all experienced a very memorable trip and I certainly hope to be able to return to Uganda again. Should I have that opportunity I will make sure to contact you.

With Best Regards,

Dr. Paul DeWeese

Michigan USA

Aug 2014


Thank you SO INCREDIBLY much for doing a phenomenal job of coordinating our trip and taking such good care of me, Deborah and Carly while we visited Rwanda and Uganda.  Your attention to detail, caring and checking in on us and coordination of multiple site visits all over the map was deeply appreciated by me.  We LOVED having Robert as our driver/guide. He is a lovely person, kind, flexible, funny and good company! You do a super job and I hope you will feel free to use me as a reference at any time for BIC Tours.  I hope that when  you come to the states in the future I can return the favor of hosting you as warmly as you hosted us. Thank you also for the beautiful photo frame which will always remind me of you.

With all my very best to you and your family,

Tory Dietel Hopps

March 2014


Hi Sam!

 We did not get the pleasure of meeting – but i do have to share Tory and Carly’s sentiments that our time in Africa was amazing and made all the more special by Robert.   As tory and i say “we made a lot of memories” on that trip – and that includes time spent with Robert traveling all over Rwanda.   I LOVE LOVE the pictures you sent!  The zebras in particular – and YES elephants crossing the road!  I will have to come back and do a trip with Bic tours and Robert in Uganda so i can visit with these amazing creatures that captivate me so.

 Robert and his camera takes amazing pictures – So nice of you to send these along – I have saved in my Africa folder on my computer and am so happy i have precious images to remind me of this amazing adventure…made all the more special by your well run organization and amazing guide wambirobert 🙂

Big Hugs from the USA

Deb Adam


March 2014

Dear Mugisha Samuel

We went to Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla tour started from 28 Apr 2013- 6 May 2013 which was organized from your company.
We enjoyed very much and we appreciate very much. So we would like to go to Uganda and Rwanda again from 27 Apr 2014 – 5 May 2014.
We would like you to arrange our tour. We would like same driver Mr Mayambala Hakim, if its possible.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Suzuki Tetsuya

Tokyo Japan

May 2013


Good morning Sam, and greetings from America. First of all let me thank you again for all the hard work that went into making the Nyaka Women’s Volunteer trip such a success. I would especially like to thank you for Michael’s services. As I told you on Thursday, he is an exceptional young man who put up with a lot from 4 muzungus! He was continuously gracious, helpful and cheerful. I especially appreciated his help in getting to the medical clinic on Thursday afternoon.

 Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf. Best wishes for continued success.

Barbara Kroberger

Michigan USA

June 2013


Hi Sam,

Thank you again for taking such good care of Emma and I with your drivers! I will let you know when we will return to Uganda. I hope it will be SOON!!!

Sue Gilland Lathrop


June 2013


Dear Samuel

KOMBANWA ! It’s nearly 2h00 , here in Japan and I’m stil trying to sort huge amount of pictures in vain .Too many pictures seems difficult to keep in my PC . Again, THANKS MILLION for everything you’ve done for Me& Kazuko. We were  really happy everyday and laughing a lot! We are already missing Uganda very much. I and Zukochan are also very keen to come back to Uganda for Murchison Falls!!!

I took HOT bath today and now becoming back to a city girl from Wild Nature! I really loved REAL NATURE though ….Samuel, HONTOU NI ARIGATO !!!!!! I’m soooo impressed UGANDA TRIP coordinated by Samuel !!!Will do my best to let Japanese people know that beautiful country !!!”

Midori Isozaki,

Amega Japan

March 2010

Dear Samuel

I just got feed back from Saiyu RE: Ms.Hayashida x 2pax. They were very pleased with our / your service done in Uganda!!! They were really happy with their Uganda trip.


Saiyu is now having very good impression to Amega & your company!

 Midori Isozaki

Amega Japan

May 2009


Dear Samuel, 

Thank you so much for everything. We got back to Nairobi safely and now are in peak time in preparing the special edition. Nyaka story will be featured in the second page of 31st’s The Asahi Shimbun. I focused mainly on a child headed family who is living on the hope of continuing study with the help of Nyaka school. I really thank you for your excellent arrangements. We always felt safe thanks to your swift and correct co-ordinations. 

I hope to see you soon.


Masanobu FURUYA

Correspondent The Asahi Shimbun Nairobi Bureau

May 2008


Dear Jackson and Samuel,

Many greetings and WEBELE NYOH (I’m sure I have the spelling wrong and anyway it is not your first language — sorry) for your great work and also your support of my recent trip to Uganda.  I am writing this from the Johannesburg airport after a VERY SHORT night’s sleep near Entebbe, but everything worked out well (including a delicious dinner last night at the BOMA at no extra charge — thank you Samuel!)  All the logistics on my trip were first-class, as usual, and very much appreciated.  Thanks again to Robert, as well.

Have a wonderful Christmas — you and your families.

I hope to see you BOTH in 2008 —

Take care,

Lucy Y. Steinitz

Windhoek, Namibia

Dec 2007


Greetings Firelight Grantee-Partner  !

As you all know by now, Firelight is planning toand attend the ANPPCAN Conference and  hold a one-day, Firelight Grantee-Partner meeting in  Uganda March 2007.

You have already been contacted by Samuel Mugisha. He is coordinating your registration, accommodation and transport (if needed) for the conference and the grantee meeting. If you have questions about these things, please contact him.

We are all in the capable hands of Samuel! He is a logistical wizard!

Thanks so much – we will be in touch next week. We look forward to seeing you all in Uganda very soon.

Jennifer & Aili

Senior Program Officer & Grants Coordinator Firelight Foundation  

Feb 2007